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Canillas de Aceituno


Our village Canillas de Aceituno is located in the Axarquía region in the province of Málaga, Andalusia. The village is situated against the natural park of the Sierra Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, a beautiful nature reserve and ideal destination for e.g. hiking or mountain biking. The village has 2300 inhabitants. At an altitude of 645 meters, at the foot of the highest mountain in the Axarquía called La Maroma (2065 m), it overlooks lake Viñuela and the Mediterranean Sea. From Casa Lobera you can walk to the village in only 15 minutes.

Magical Village

Canillas de Aceituno belongs to the network of magical villages (pueblos mágicos) of Spain. To be part of this a village must meet a range of aspects that makes it special, memorable, magical, such as: authenticity, quality, monuments, natural beauty and beautiful landscapes, the taste of local products and gastronomy, festivities and traditions. They are unique villages that will stay in your memory. Magical villages are therefore attractive and unique destinations that are definitely worth a visit!


Canillas de Aceituno has a number of small grocery stores, a bakery, 2 butchers, several tapas bars and 3 good restaurants: La Maroma, la Sociedad and Bodegón de Juan Maria. There is also a modern pharmacy and a bank with an ATM. On Friday mornings there is a small market at the beginning of the village in front of La Maroma restaurant. Read more about markets in the Axarquía.


Festivals (Ferias) are an important part of life in southern Spain. Each village has its own festive day, which is often celebrated until late at night. In Canillas de Aceituno the 'Día de la Morcilla' (Black Pudding Day) is celebrated on the last Sunday of April (Note: In 2019 the 'Dia de la Morcilla' will take place on Saturday the 27th of April). This event attracts many people from all over Andalusia to taste the local delicacy. In May the Romería de San Isídro takes place, a procession and celebration in honor of the patron saint of the farmers. The Feria in the second week of August is a three-day festival with performances, all kinds of activities and a foam party for the children.

Please have a look here for the agenda of festivities in the Axarquía. Do you want to take part in a real Andalusian feria? Book your villa at Casa Lobera or contact us!


Canillas de Aceituno
The location of Canillas de Aceituno against the Sierra Tejeda (photo: Carlos Castro)

Canillas de Aceituno Pueblo Mágico
Canillas de Aceituno, a magical village!

Promotional video Canillas de Aceituno 2019

Foam party during the feria in August