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Alhambra de Granada

Location and sights

The Alhambra was strategically built on the Sabika hill, 200 metres above Granada, so you can see it from afar. Its main attractions are the Alcazaba (fortress and fortification towers), the Arabian Nasrid palaces, the Christian Palace of Charles V and the Generalife summer palace with beautiful gardens. Special features of the Alhambra are the many beautiful Moorish decorations: marble columns and floors, ceilings of fine woodwork, walls with impressive calligraphy and arched vaults with geometric figures. The Alhambra is a world heritage site and is described as sensational, brilliant, sensual and a wonder of the world. It is the highlight of Granada and definitely worth a visit. 

A piece of history

"The city in a city" was built in the 13th century by the Moors. After the Catholic king Ferdinand II of Aragon and his wife Isabella of Castile conquered the city of Granada on the Moors in 1492, this complex was also taken into possession. The fall of the Moorish empire was one of the most important events in the history of Granada. It ended 800 years of Arab dominion on the Iberian Peninsula. The Muslims and Jews were compelled to conversion by the Catholic King, and were thus not banished from the country. Those who survived the so-called Spanish Inquisition fled to North Africa. Also the Arabic language lost its role in Granada and was replaced by Spanish; the mosques were transformed into Catholic churches. In 1526, Charles V, grandson of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, ordered the construction of a Renaissance palace in the middle of the Alhambra.

Buy your ticket in time

The Alhambra is one of the most visited monuments in Europe and the number of visitors per day is limited. So buy your ticket timely to not miss this highlight in Spain! You can do this on the website https://tickets.alhambra-patronato.es/en/. With the Alhambra General ticket you have access to everything, including the Nasrid palaces. There are also entrance tickets which offer only access to the gardens, Generalife and the Alcazaba. In Summer it is possible to visit the gardens and Generalife also in the evenings.

Prefer to be driven?

Would you prefer to be driven? You can! We are happy to organize a tour in our Land Rover 4x4 to the Alhambra. Other tours are also possible.

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