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Enjoy the sun and beach

Are you in need of warm sun on your skin? Come to Casa Lobera in the Axarquía region. Here the sun shines almost always and it is nice and warm. Even in winter and early spring temperature increases to 20 degrees. Come and relax at our swimming pool or enjoy the sea and the beach. Here you will get a real summer feeling!

Very pleasant climate

The climate in this part of Andalusia is the mildest in Europe. The mountains that enclose the area keep the cold north wind from the plateau away. In winter the warm south wind from Africa hangs. This is an ideal combination for a very comfortable temperature. You can already enjoy the beach and our pool while anywhere else in Europe it is still too cold. Therefore it is a good idea to overwinter here.

Quiet and relaxing enjoyment

Beach resorts along the coast as Torre del Mar and Nerja are on a small half hour's drive from Casa Lobera. The beaches, the coast and the azure blue sea are beautiful. The atmosphere is relaxed and even in high season there is plenty of space. It is a lot quieter than in famous places like Marbella and Torremolinos. What do you think of a bite to eat on the promenade with a drink or ice cream? You can really enjoy the typical Spanish atmosphere.

Costa del Sol 

The Costa del Sol is within a half hour's drive away. It is named the Costa del Sol because the sun almost always shines, i.e. about three hundred days a year. Many kilometers long beach will give you plenty of space to soak up the sun or take a walk. Everyone will find something of his or her choice, from a busy urban beach to a tranquil bay. Also for lovers of water sports there is plenty to do: water skiing, surfing, diving, you name it! 

Would you like to come and enjoy the particularly mild climate? Book your holiday villa at Casa Lobera or contact us.

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